Tuesday 28 June 2011

Syrian Uprising 2011 Information Centre:
SUMMARY (28/6/2011): As soon as exams finished in Daraa the regime’s thugs occupied the schools. They’re not sitting the high school exams – which most of them, if not all, didn’t pass – but are turning them into detention centres. Ironically it will mostly be the students themselves, who were doing thier exams a day earlier, who will find themselves detained there. See map for today’s protests and other info. Syria – Tuesday 28/06/2011

Rastan: We have often talked about mass arrests, either in our FB page posts or on the maps we produce every day. Well, here is what a mass arrest can look like. This shows the town of Rastan last month. Mass arrests have been taking place today in Qadam and Hajar al-Aswad, two areas of Damascus. Rastan.

Syrian Uprising 2011 Information Centre:

It’s now been more than 100 days since we started this page and we felt it was time we restated our goals and methods.We began this page on 20 March as a response to the small but growing protests happening in Syria. At that time there was not much information for non-Arabic speaking audience so we decided to set up this page in English.

We are still unaffiliated with any political group. We cannot claim to have any role as protest organisers, but we do support the peaceful protests that aim to bring about positive change in Syria. In particular we would like to see a Syria where human rights are respected, where there is freedom of speech, political freedom and equality.

We are Syrians who love our country so we have no desire to see Syria descend into chaos or be attacked or occupied by foreign forces. However, we stand firmly against a regime that has shown utter contempt for it’s fellow Syians.

We knew when we started this page that we would have to deal with fabrications, distortions and exaggerations. We have no interest in spreading false information. We are a small team of volunteers with limited resources trying to verify information in difficult circumstances so inevitably we have made mistakes. We are very sorry for that. Nevertheless, at the time of posting we believe the information we share with you to be genuine.

Thanks for your many messages and offers of support. We are sorry if we haven’t been able to respond to you. Please understand that we are busy. Nevertheless, we are always open to suggestions on how we can improve the page.

This is dedicated to the 1,600 martyrs and more than 10,000 detainees, among them some of our friends and cousins. You give us the strength to continue.

Hama : The video shows a strike of minibus drivers (these are the main form of public transport in Syria) due to the diesel shortage. The lack of oil started to gradually affect other cities like Daraa and some parts of Damascus. Furthermore, the government is starting to take 500-650 sp (about $10 which is 4% average income) from the monthly salary of workers as a “donation” to support the value of the Syrian pound. Hama, 28/6/2011

?1 week ago, following Assad’s speech there, thugs raided Damascus University campus, assaulting students with sticks and electric batons and arresting dozens. This video from CNN shows an English langauge interview with one of the students. “They shut down the power, broke into the building and then went on destroying everything in their way…”This is what happened in Damascus University after al Assad’s speech

Local Co-ordination Committees of Syria

Various Syrian cities witnessed during the past few days an intensive wave of arrests of hundreds of activists and protesters.

At the beginning of last week, tens of people were arrested in Tal Ref’at, in addition to more than 400 students in the dorms of the university of Aleppo, a large number of them were recently referred to court.

More than one hundred students were arrested in the dorms of the university of Damascus after participating in a peaceful sit-in after which they were brutally beaten.

Jasim city also witnessed a wave of arrests in which about one hundred people were arrested due to their participation in last Thursday’s strike which happened in several Syrian cities.

More than sixty people were arrested in Tal area in Damascus suburbs, as well as tens of people arrested in Daraya, Rukneddin, Raqa, Deir Ezzor, Binnish, Jbab, Marea, Kseer, and other Syrian cities and regions.


NOW! Lebanon
[local time]20:20 Several women held an anti-regime protest in the city of Tall, which is near Damascus. (S.N.N)
20:15 A man killed in recent protests—identified as Hazem Mohammad Obeid—was buried in Rastan. (S.N.N)
20:14 The French Foreign Ministry said that Monday’s Syrian opposition meeting in Damascus was positive, Al-Arabiya television reported.
20:11 London summoned the Syrian ambassador to express concerns about reports that a diplomat at the embassy had been intimidating Syrians in Britain, the British Foreign Ministry said.
20:03 The Syrian regime’s authorization of Monday’s opposition meeting is a “move in the right direction,” but President Bashar al-Assad still needs to go further, the United States said.
19:42 The Local Coordination Committee of Syria (@LccSy) tweets that hundreds of women are protesting in the Dabalan area of Homs.
19:13 Anti-regime protests are taking place in the Homs area of Haraer ad-Dablan and in the Edleb district town of Jabal az-Zawiya. (S.N.N)
19:08 Security forces are arresting people in the Damascus neighborhood of Hajar al-Aswad. (S.N.N)
19:00 Army helicopters are flying over the eastern towns of Houran. Dozens of army tanks are also deployed near the town of Jisr al-Kherba. (S.N.N)
18:50 A YouTube video purportedly filmed on Monday shows dozens of people in Homs’ Dablan neighborhood calling for the regime’s fall.
18:45 A YouTube video purportedly filmed on Monday in the Homs district town of Palmyra shows dozens of people marching and calling for the regime’s fall.
18:22 Security forces are still randomly arresting people in the Damascus neighborhood of Qadam. (S.N.N)
18:00 Several women are protesting against the regime in the Houran province city of Enkhel. (S.N.N)
17:30 The residents of the Damascus neighborhood of Baraza are attending the funeral of Ahmad Mando, a man killed in recent events. (S.N.N)
15:06 A visiting Syrian opposition delegation urged Russia on Tuesday to use its diplomatic clout to convince President Bashar al-Assad to give up the use of force against civilians, AFP reported.
14:53 A YouTube video purportedly filmed on Tuesday shows protesters in Tadmor rallying against the regime.
14:50 Anti-regime activists behind street protests in Syria on Tuesday criticized opposition figures who held an unprecedented meeting in Damascus at which they called for a peaceful uprising, AFP reported.
13:54 Security forces are arresting protesters in al-Qedam in Damascus. (F.N.N.)
13:51 A protest broke out in Daraa’s vegetable market on Tuesday against the planned visit of the Interior Minister. They were calling for the fall of the regime. (S.N.N.)
11:45 Hundreds of new refugees flooded into the northern Akkar region of Lebanon over the weekend as Syrian forces continued a violent crackdown on protesters. Check out the latest pictures from the Lebanon-Syria border posted on the NOW Lebanon blog.
09:41 A YouTube video purportedly filmed Monday night in Edleb, shows protesters rallying against the regime.
08:36 A YouTube video purportedly filmed Monday night in Arabin in Damascus, shows protesters rallying in the city and calling for the fall of the regime.

REUTERS: Syrian tanks shell villages in Idlib region-residents

Syrian tanks shelled a hill region in the northwestern province of Idlib, residents and activists said on Tuesday, in a widening military assault to suppress protests in rural regions that have already driven thousands of refugees to Turkey.

The assault came a day after the authorities announced they would invite opponents to July 10 talks to set a framework for a dialogue promised by President Bashar al-Assad.

Opposition leaders have dismissed the offer, saying it is not credible while mass killings and arrests continue as part of a move crush a three month uprising against Assad’s autocratic rule.

Syrian authorities say more than 250 soldiers and police have died in clashes they say were provoked by militant groups.

“I can hear heavy explosions 20 km to the north, around the villages of Rama and Orum al-Joz. My relatives there say the shelling is random,” said a resident of Kin Safra village in Jabal al-Zawya region, west of the main highway linking the cities of Hama and Aleppo.

Opposition figure Ammar al-Qarabi, head of the Syrian National Organisation for Human Rights said the shelling appeared in preparation for storming Jabal al-Zawya, a region of several villages 35 km south of Turkey that has been witnessing spreading protests against Assad’s 11 year rule.

“Jabal al-Zawya was one of the first regions in Syria where people took to street demanding the downfall of the regime. The military attacks have now reached them and they will likely result in more killings and in more refugees to Turkey,” Qarabi, who is from Idlib, told Reuters by phone from Cairo.

Sawasiah, another Syrian rights organization headed by lawyer Mohannad al-Hassani, said a security campaign that has resulted in the arrest of more than 12,000 people across Syria since the uprising erupted in March, has intensified in the last few days.

A statement by Sawasiah said security forces arrested on Tuesday Farhad Khader Ayou, an official in the Kurdish Mustaqbal party, in the eastern province of Hasaka on Tuesday.

The statement said 17 people in the province of Raqqa to the west were arrested in the last 48 hours, adding to hundreds of people arbitrarily arrested across the country this week.