The suppression of the Kurdish people in Syria – List of names the Kurdish soldiers

zardostIn September 2009 the Kurdish organisation for human rights Austria has published its first annual report in German, including four documents that have been legislated and passed by Syria’s government. The report, as well as the four attached documents drastically reveals both quality and quantity of the suppression the Kurdish people have to suffer. Striking violations of basic human rights, persecution, mass murder and arbitrary police action are phenomena Kurdish politicians and human rights activists are subjected to on a daily basis.

The draconian punishment wielded out by the Baath regime against human rights activists, politicians, teachers and other socially active people demonstrates how little the regime cares about human rights and generally binding international agreements. In particular the deliberate assassination of Kurdish soldiers serving in the Syrian army has attracted our attention and we provide a list of names who have suffered this fate.

In our report we have included international reports and investigations implemented by renowned organisations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the report of  the Institute for War & Peace, as well as the anti-Kurdish presidential decree number 49 dating back to 2008. Furthermore we provide a list giving the names of those Kurdish soldiers that have been killed, which currently includes 35 names. These reports and investigations unambiguously back up our own findings, which are based on an array of objective and independent sources. Their heterogeneous background notwithstanding, these reports and investigations all give testament about the inhumane and openly racist policies implemented by Damascus against the Kurdish people. What we witness in Syria today is nothing but 21st century apartheid.

These reports and documents constitute an appeal to the European Union, USA, Canada, Australia and all other democratic countries and organisations not to ignore the dreadful plight of the Kurdish people. The suppression of Kurds in Syria, the suppression of their language and culture has to stop once and for all.

The situation of Kurds living in Syria is dramatic. In particular their economic situation is very severe as 90% of ethnic Kurds are barred from employment in Syrian factories due to racist and discriminatory legislations. According to our own investigations and in tune with statements made by Kurdish refugees more than 180 Kurdish villages are left vacant as a direct consequence of presidential decree number 49. The farmers residing there previously now dwell in abject poverty in ghettos on the fringes of Damascus, Aleppo and other Arab cities. The number of stateless Kurds has increased massively and now stands at 35,000. These people have absolutely no rights and are forced to live the lives of foreigners in their very own country.

On this premise we appeal to the EU and other countries to protect Kurdish adolescents and deserters and to grant them political asylum on the basis of the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees.

We call upon the civilized world to act according to the preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that the peoples of the United Nations have in the Charter reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person and in the equal rights of men and women and have determined to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom. The western world should profess solidarity with Kurds living in Syria and support their struggle for freedom democracy, human rights and tolerance.

Dr. Alan Kader,

Linz, Austria, May. 2010

Since March 2004 a number of Kurdish soldiers serving in the Syrian army have died under suspicious circumstances. Accordingly we provide a list of those soldiers whose cases are known and confirmed to us. We believe that this process is an integral part of Syria’s policy of gradual ethnic cleansing against the Kurdish recruits.

1 – Muhammad Scheich Muhammad from Sinara/Efrin, who was killed in Alkuteifa on 23 October 2004

2 – Muhammed Weso Ali, born in Kubane in 1987, served in brigade 157. He was killed on 28 March 2006, according to his family his death was a direct result from severe torture and beatings by his superiors

3 – Edris Mahmud Musa, born in Amuda in 1981, he died on 29 February 1989 as a result from torture conducted by the military secret service of the city of Deer Azur

4 – Farhad Ali Seif Chan, born in Kubane in 1989, shot four months after his draft in near the city of Swida on 03 July 2008

5 – Schyar Yusef, born in Efrin in 1990, who was killed on 07 April 2008

6 – Siwar Tamo, born in Derbasye in 1988, was killed by two shots in the head on 21 December 2008

7 – Egid Nawaf Hasan from Derbasye, was killed by three shots in the chest on 02 August 2008

8 – Ibrahim Rifaat Schawisch, born in Bulbul in 1990, was shot in Damascus on 27. December 2008

9 – Barzan Mahmud Omar from Alaya, he died on 13 April 2007 as a suffering from severe torture

10 – Luqman Sami Hussein, born in Efrin in 1986, was shot in May 2008

11 – Jihad Ibrahim Yousef was killed on 01 August 2008. Later his parents were informed that their son had allegedly died in a car accident

12 – Qasem Hamed, born in Alhsaka in 1982, he served in Alkusawa south of Damascus and was killed on 11 June 2004 through several shots in the head

13 – Muhammad Baker Scheich Dada, born in Rajo in 1989, was killed on 13 January 2009

14 – Berxwedan Chaled Hemo from Kubane, he served in Alhasake and was killed there on 19 January 2009

15 – Mahmud Hanan Chalil, from Erfin, killed near the city of Deraa on 05 February 2009, allegedly by incompetent handling of his gun

16 – Chairi Barjas Jindo from Amuda, killed in April 2004

17 – Diaa Mulla from Maashiq, killed in 2004

18 – Ahmad Saadun was shot  on 05 December 2009

19 – Chabat Scheichmus from Qute, was killed on 20 May 2009 after having suffered from massive torture

20 – Ahmad Abdul Rahim Chalil Mustafa, his parents were informed that their son had allegedly dies in a car accident

21 – Malek Akasch Schaabo, from Efrin, was killed on 05 June 2009, three hours after his father had last visited him

22 – Aref Abdulaziz Said Osman from Qamischli, he was electrocuted in June 2009

23 – Mahmud Halli bin Muhammed from Kubane, was killed on 29 June 2009 after suffering severe injuries to the head

24 – Muhammad Omar Chudir, from Derbasye, was killed on 07 July 2009

25 – Hozan Farhad Dreii, from Qamischli, was ambushed by the military police and killed subsequently

26 – Hogir Rasul Hasso, born in 1987, was shot on 08 August 2009

27 – Ahmad Mustafa Ibrahim, from Efrin, he was killed on 13 August 2009, however his military superiors subsequently informed his parents that he had allegedly committed suicide

28 – Ahmad Aref Omar, born in Efrin in 1988, he served in military unit 116 near the city of Deraa, and was electrocuted on 01 September 2009

29 – Faruk Diko from Rajo, he was shot in the head 01 October 2009

30 – Firas Bedri Habib, born in Bulbul in 1988, was shot on 09 October 2009

31 – Rezan Abdulkarim Mirane, was killed serving in his unit near Damascus on 11 October 2009

32 – Sadeq Hussein Mus from Dodyan, he was intentionally run over by a car on 12 October 2009. His brother, too, had been killed 12 years earlier while serving in the army

33 – Chalil Bozan Schiech Muslim Kubane, was killed on 08 December 2009 by being shot in the head

34 – Ezzedin Moro from Kubane, he was killed on 19 December 2009 in Kuteifa, near Damascus

35 – Issa Chalaf from Kubane, he was killed in Deraa in early January 2010, the official version proclaimed that he had committed suicide

36- Osman Bozan from Kubane,born,15.06,1989 he was killed in April 2010.

37-A Kurdish Soldier from Hasaka, he was killed in March 2010 after having suffered from massive torture( for Security reasons, we can’t to allude his name)

38- Chabat Hasan Aliko, born 1991, from Efrin , shot four months after his draft in near the city of Bukmal to Iraki border on  06.05.10 after having suffered from massive torture

Strangely enough not a single Arab or Armenian soldier has been killed in the above mentioned period or indeed committed suicide. It is only Kurdish soldiers who fall victim to a perfidious plan that has been concocted by Syria’s political and military leadership. This is a form of gradual and undeclared warfare against the Kurdish people. According to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court the Syrian perpetrators must be put on trial before the International Tribunal in The Hague.

Austria14. May 2010


Kurdish organisation for Human Rights in Austria