Eleventh Kurdish conscript to die in 2010, list of names included

Kurdish Organization for Defending Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria – DAD and Media Institute of Western Kurdistan Society report that the family of Kurdish conscript Yusuf Farhan Qasim received his body on 22 December 2010 from the military hospital in Harasta. Yusuf Farhan Qasim, born 1988 is from Derbassiyeh, in Hasakah province and he served in one of the military units (air defence) of the Syrian army in the region of Rancaus, Damascus. They were notified of his death the day before. He has been buried in his home town.

According to the story from the military authorities,Yusuf Farhan Qasim was killed by a landmine, but there are other stories in circulation by witnesses, about the circumstances of his death that are inconsistent with the official version of the incident. It was noted that his body had a large hole in the waist and pelvis on the left side, and his feet were unharmed and even the military boots that he was wearing were intact. Continue reading “Eleventh Kurdish conscript to die in 2010, list of names included”