Thursday 18 September 2014

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2014 September 18In an interview with VOA’s Kurdish service, Kobani Canton region premier Anwer Moslem also expressed his fears about the situation.

“ISIL are attacking with American tanks and heavy weapons that they captured in Mosul. They are attacking Kobani and want to control it and carry out a massacre there just like what happened [to Yezidis] in Sinjar where people had to leave their homes, where people were killed, women were abducted, children were killed.” Read more

Wednesday 17 September 2014

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2014 Sept 17Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Aleppo Province: Some YPG fighters and IS fighters died in the clashes between the two parties in the countryside of Ayn al Arab, while other clashes between the same parties have erupted in the villages of Ta’lek and Zirk, information reported that IS fighters took control over half of Ta’lek.

IS fighters bombarded the village of Dekerman leading to the displacement of women and children to the nearby areas. They also bombarded the areas of Ser Zori, Koberlek, Qez Ali, al Jeren, Khan and Sebqran.

Clashes have taken place between the regime forces supported by Hezbollah fighters and the Islamic and rebels’ battalions in the neighborhood of al Rashedin. Other violent clashes took place in places in the neighborhood of al Aamereyyi.

162 new fighters have joined to the Islamic State in Syria after Obama’s declaration of war on IS.

Reliable resources have confirmed to SOHR that 162 people have joined to IS military camps in the northern eastern and eastern countryside of Aleppo since September 10 and after the President Barack Obama’s speech where he has declared war on the Islamic States. Among those who have joined in the past seven days, 15 fighters from different Arab and foreign nationalities, including 4 Australian persons entered to Syria through Turkish territory and 147 ex- Syrian combatants of al Nusra Front and the Islamic battalions.

It is worth mentioning that reliable resources reported to SOHR that 6300 fighters joined to the training camps of the Islamic State in the two cities of Aleppo and Al Raqqa in the last July in 2014, where this is considered the widest process of recruiting fighters in the Islamic State’s ranks since the declaration of establishment in April/2013 in the city of Al Raqqa until it transferred to the Islamic State in the late of June/2014.

The fighters distributed as follows:

Nearly 5000 fighters from the Syrian nationality, including 800 fighters who were ex-fighters in the rebel and Islamic battalions and in al Nusra Front while the rest are new volunteers.

1300 fighters from Arab, European, Caucasian, East Asian and Chinese nationalities as well as Kurdish fighters, including 1100 fighters entered Syria through the Turkish territory while the rest joined after leaving al Nusra Front and the other Islamic battalions.

Firat: YPG issues statement on Tel Hamis operation

The YPG (People’s Protection Units) Press Centre has issued a written statement regarding the conclusions of the operation YPG forces launched in the Qam??lo (Qamishli), Tirbespiye and Tel Hamis triangle on 13 September.

According to the statement which announced the outcome of the Tel Hamis operation that went on for three days, 19 villages and 7 hamlets were cleansed of gangs and 53 gang members were killed, including 2 commanders. 4 YPG fighters also died.

The statement stressed that YPG forces had inflicted serious blows on ISIS terror with its epic resistance in Rabia, Sinjar and Jazaa in August, adding: “the most effective blow to the gangs, whose attacks began in   Zumar on 2 August and continued with the occupation of Sinjar, was inflicted after the 13-day resistance in Jazaa which concluded on 3 September.”

‘Region where ISIS plans attacks was targeted’

The YPG emphasised that 10 days after this resistance their forces had launched an operation in the Qam??lo, Tirbespiye and Tel Hamis triangle, which was under the control of gangs, and called ‘ISIS fortresses’ by them.

The YPG gave important details regarding the reason for this operation:  “This area close to Qami?lo has played a role in the organisation of many previous gang attacks that have caused loss of life. This includes the attack on the tomb of Sheikh Khaznawi, which is considered holy by the people. Our forces launched this operation on 13 September in order to remove the terror threat to Qami?lo and Tirbespiye, to prevent preparations for further attacks and to call the ISIS gangs to account for the murders and massacres they have carried out in the past.”

ISIS targeted Arab and Kurdish civilians

After the operation started the gangs turned on Arabs who refused to fight the YPG. The YPG statement said: “the terrorist gangs massacred 11 people, including women and children. The gangs also fired long range rockets they seized from the Iraqi and Syrian regimes at Qami?lo, killing 5 civilians. On being routed by the YPG, the gangs burnt the houses of Arab and Kurd alike, and fired missiles in revenge.”

19 villages and 7 hamlets cleansed of gangs

The YPG Press Centre statement continued: “After 2 days of battles, the area in the Qami?lo, Tirbespiye and Tel Hamis triangle was liberated. Despite the efforts of the gangs to hold on to this strategic area, the operation of our forces was successfully completed on 16 September. 19 villages and 7 hamlets were cleansed of gang elements.”

53 gang members, 2 of them commanders, killed

The YPG ascertained that 53 gang members were killed during this operation, 2 of them ‘amirs’ (commanders), one of them nicknamed Abubakir, with 8 bodies being in the possession of YPG forces.

Weapons seized

The YPG Press Centre said it had seized the following weapons: “2 vehicles, 2 anti-aircraft guns, 11 AK 47s, 2 machine guns, 2 B7 rocket propelled grenade launchers, 1 Bruno rifle, 1 pistol and ammunition and military equipment.”

4 fighters died

The YPG said 4 of its fighters had died during the 3-day operation.

The statement concluded: “We would like all communities in the Cizire (Jazireh) region to know that as long as the threat of ISIS terror exists, the YPG resistance to protect the region and its people will grow in strength. The hands of YPG fighters will be at the throats of these blood suckers.”


Fierce clashes on three fronts in Kobanê: Clashes are continuing for a second day on three fronts between YPG forces and ISIS gangs in the Kobanê region of West Kurdistan (Rojava). ISIS gangs are bombarding villages in Kobanê with tanks and mortars,  forcing the inhabitants to take refuge in Kobanê  town. 5 YPG fighters have been killed in clashes in which many gang members have also been killed.

ISIS gangs are continuing their brutal attacks on the people of the Kobanê canton. They have bombarded villages to the east of Kobanê, causing substantial damage to houses. After YPG forces responded to these attacks, clashes broke out. YPG forces opened fire on 2 tanks near Qîzelî village, inflicting heavy casualties on the gangs. This morning clashes intensified, leading to many villagers having to flee to Kobanê town.

ISIS gangs have also bombarded the villages of Talik, Zirk, Dugirman, Boraz and Derbazinê to the west of Kobanê. Clashes broke out when YPG forces responded. Several vehicles belonging to the gangs were hit and many gang members were killed. It is reported that a resident of the village of Zirk was stoned to death by the gangs.

To the south of Kobanê clashes have taken place between forces affiliated to the Joint Action Centre and gangs in the villages of A?me, Xiros, Cade, Keleha Hesen and Qerarî?k.

In these clashes on three fronts in Kobanê 5 YPG fighters have lost their lives.

Clashes are continuing between YPG-Joint Action Centre forces and ISIS gangs. In clashes with YPG forces that took place on the eastern and western fronts as ISIS gangs mounted simultaneous attacks on 15 September that continued until yesterday (16 September) morning, 72 gang members were killed and 4 vehicles were destroyed.


Syria conflict: Dozens killed in strikes on Talbiseh

Video purportedly showing air strike in Syrian town of Talbiseh on 16 September 2014 State media said the army had targeted a meeting of “terrorists” in the Talbiseh area

Almost 50 people have been killed by Syrian government air strikes in an opposition-held town, activists say.

Six children were among those who died as Talbiseh, in Homs province, was bombarded for two days, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

A dozen rebel fighters were also killed, the UK-based group added.

Meanwhile, at least 15 children have died in another opposition-held area of Syria, reportedly after being given contaminated measles vaccinations.

The main opposition alliance, the National Coalition, has launched an investigation and halted the vaccination programme it was organising in the northern province of Idlib.

‘Terrifying massacre’

The air strikes of Talbiseh reportedly began on Monday and continued into Tuesday. State media said the army had targeted a meeting of “terrorists”.

The death toll from the bombardment was expected to rise because bodies were still being pulled out of the rubble and dozens of people, including children, had been critically injured, the Observatory said.

Video purportedly showing five members of a family killed in air strike in Syrian town of Talbiseh on 16 September 2014 Activists posted a video showing what they said were the bodies of five members of the same family

“Residents woke up from the massacre [on Monday] only to witness another terrifying massacre,” a local activist group wrote on Facebook.

The post said Talbiseh was “filled with civilians and displaced who cannot find bread to eat, chased by the shelling of regime forces”.

Videos purportedly of the aftermath showed a man weeping as he clutched the body of his baby son, as well as people praying over the bodies of a mother and her five children.

Talbiseh is on the country’s main north-south motorway about 10km (6 miles) north of the city of Homs, which had been a centre of the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad.

Rebel forces abandoned their last stronghold in the centre of Homs in May after more than a year of siege and bombardment.

The government now controls most of Damascus, along with the motorway from the capital through to Homs and the western Mediterranean coast. Rebels control much of the north and east.

Six people also were killed in a government air raid on the northern city of Aleppo on Wednesday, and another six died when the Damascus suburb of Douma was attacked by jets, the Observatory said.

‘Allergic shock’

It is not known what caused the children’s deaths in eight opposition-held towns in Idlib province, but parents accused opposition health authorities of not storing the vaccines properly or using out-of-date medication.

A doctor at a clinic in the town of Jarjanaz said the children, some just babies, had exhibited signs of “severe allergic shock” about an hour after they had been given the vaccines, with many suffocating to death as their bodies swelled.

Abdullah Ajaj told the Associated Press that all had the same symptoms to varying degrees, and that it was the first time he had seen them after administering vaccinations.

“There was shouting and screaming, it was hard for the parents. You get your child vaccinated and then you find your child dying, it’s very hard.”

Opposition officials denied the allegations of negligence, saying the vaccines had come from the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), via the Turkish government.

They said the same batch had been used successfully to vaccinate 60,000 children in recent days and claimed a preliminary investigation pointed to a “security breach by vandals likely connected to the regime”.

A Lebanon-based public health specialist, Fouad Fouad, told AP that an out-of-date vaccine was more or less harmless and “cannot cause death”.

The conflict in Syria and the resultant breakdown in state institutions have meant that diseases such as measles and polio have been spreading.

More than 191,000 people have been killed and nine million displaced from their homes since the uprising began in 2011.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

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SNC claims YPG “executed 34 civilians including eight children and three women in the villages of Tel Khalil and Al Hajiya in rural Al-Hasakah”.
The source for this claim is the “Syrian Network for Human Rights”. SNC already spread similar claims in March 2014. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights made even an public appeal, to provide evidence of an alleged massacre. But there was no evidence, just propaganda distributed by the most important body of the Syrian opposition to the international community, while Kobane was under an brutal assault by ISIS. So this time we will see, what evidence SNC will provide, to verify its claims. YPG strongly denied the claims of the SNC. Read more

Monday 15 September 2014

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FiratFirat News: Heavy clashes between YPG and ISIS

Severe clashes have been taking place across West Kurdistan as YPG (People’s Protection Units) are expanding operations against inhuman gangs now calling themselves the Islamic State.

YPG Press Centre has reported in a written statement on Monday that clashes took place between YPG fighters and ISIS gangs in Serêkaniye, Heseke and Jazaa on 14 September. Read more

Sunday 14 September 2014

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Kurdish militias in Syria and Arab factions formed an action centre in Syria this week to fight Islamic State militants, the political leader of the largest party in Syria’s Kurdish regions tells MEE

- See more at:

The political leader of the largest party in Syria’s Kurdish regions has hailed the creation of a joint military action centre between Kurdish and Arab fighting groups as a clear sign that the world is waking up to the threat from the terrorist insurgency, the self-declared Islamic State. Read more

Shenagal – ISIS – analysis

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2014 Sept 16 YezediFirat News: HAK-PAR issues Sinjar report

ANF – ANKARA 13.09.2014 11:30:30

Rights and Freedoms Party (HAK-PAR), known to be close to the political line of the KDP, sent a delegation to Sinjar and South Kurdistan to carry out inspections about ISIS massacres in the region. Following the return of the delegation the party has issued a report.

The report deserves attention as it records the withdrawal of the peshmerga forces in the face of attacks of ISIS, liking it to their losing their capacity to fight and stresses the important role of PYD in opening a secure corridor to rescue the people of Sinjar from attacks. The report also says the withdrawal of the peshmerga forces was due to “lack of suitable weapons, the strength of ISIS and the unexpected ISIS attack”. While reluctantly accepting the role the PYD played in the region, the report also says “however, the PYD is creating some problems for the peshmerga”. Read more

Saturday 13 September 2014

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2014 July Saleh MuslemFirat News: Saleh Muslim: We will rebuild Sinjar: Kurds and their friends in Europe have gathered in the German city Düsseldorf where the 22nd International Kurdish Culture Festival has kicked off today.

Tens of thousands of people are joining the festival which began with the performance of Koma Berxwedan and continued with a speech by the PYD (Democratic Union Party) Co-chair Saleh Muslim who was welcomed to the stage in company with slogans “?ehid namirin” [Martrys are immortal] and “Bijî berxwedana Rojava” [Long live the Rojava resistance]. Read more

Friday 12 September 2014

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2014 Sept 12Firat News: Man wounded while crossing the Rojava border

Mines laid by Turkish soldiers at the border with Rojava continue to leave people dead or wounded, and disabled.

Salih Re?it Cumo, married and father of four, was seriously injured after stepping on a mine while crossing into the village of Bau?a, in Kilis province, from the village of Shilteht last night.

Taken to Afrin hospital after sustaining a critical injury, Cumo had to have his right foot mutilated. Read more

Thursday 11 September 2014

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2014 Sept 11Firat News: YPG and FSA set up ‘Joint Action Centre’

The YPG, the defence force of Rojava (West Kurdistan), the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and certain other armed opposition groups have established a joint Action Centre against ISIS in the Euphrates area.

The YPG, FSA and some other opposition groups issued a statement declaring the founding of a group called “Burkan Al Firat”, the aim of which is to liberate areas under ISIS control.

The ‘Action Centre’ was proclaimed at a military ceremony in West Kurdistan and involves all active forces in the region. The join statement was read out by an FSA commander. Read more

Wednesday 10 September 2014

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2014 Sept 10Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: The Brigade of al Tawhid the Eastern Sector, YPG, the Brigade of al Raqqa Rebels, the battalions of Shams al Shamal affiliated to the Brigades of Fajr al Hurreyyi, Jarablos Detachments, the Brigade of Jabhet al Akrad, al Qasas Army, the Brigade of al Jihad Fi Sabil Allah have declared establishing a Joint Operations Room named “Borkan al Furat ( Euphrates’ Volcano)” in order to fight IS in al Raqqa and its countryside, Jarablos, Serrin, Manbaj and its countryside and Qarah Qozaq area. Read more

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