Saman Naseem and Efsharî brothers executed

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2015 Feb 20 IranPolitical prisoners Saman Naseem, and brothers Ali Efsharî and Habîbullah Efsharî in Urmia prison have been executed by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Friday, February 20, 2015 at 7:00 PM
Urmia – Anf

Political prisoners Saman Naseem, and brothers Ali Efsharî and Habîbullah Efsharî in Urmia prison have been executed by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

While Naseem’s lawyer has confirmed the execution of the Kurdish political prisoner despite all the calls by human rights organizations, worrying wait continues for three other Kurdish prisoners on death row. Read more

Iranian and Syrian regimes target Kurds

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pydSince decades, regimes which are occupying Kurdistan have been applying oppressive policies against Kurdish people in order to deny the right and existence of Kurds and prevent their libration and freedom.

As these regimes have realised, especially after the announcement of Self-Rule Administration in Rojava, that Kurds and coexisting communities are managing themselves freely. These regimes  started to move again against this promising Self-Rule Administration in Rojava and trying to destroy it. These regimes started to coordinate again with each others, for instance in Kobane Turkish regime is supporting ISIS openly , on the other hand Syrian regime is having a full support and consultancy from Iranian regime nowadays to create an inflict in Aljazeera canton – Al-Hassake city pushing toward a civil war among the Kurdish, Arabs and Syriac components in that peaceful city. Read more

If the will were there to really bring change …

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SKS logoPersonal thoughts: Kurds need to be able to protect people in their area – for humanitarian reasons as well as credibility. If they are given massive help with this they will be released from that struggle and mor able to concentrate on protecting the area and all these people.  Read more

Iranian regime executes four Kurdish prisoners, 2 of them women

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hangungFirat News: ANF – News desk25.05.2014:
It is reported that death sentences previously handed down to 4 Kurdish prisoners, 2 of them women, have been carried out. According to Basnews, the executions took place on Thursday. The Kurds were named as Amina Tosin, Gulchin Meskieni, Faruq Mofassori and Youssef Ma’aruffi, all from Urmia. It is not known where the executions took place.

In Iran Kurdish activists Shireen Elemhuli, Farzad Kemanger, Farhad Wekili and Ali Haydarh?yan were executed on 9 May 2010 and on 26 October 2013 Hebibullah Gulperipur was executed in Urmiye prison.
Since the beginning of the year, 176 people have been executed in Iran, 16 of them Kurds.
59 other Kurds remain on death row in Iran for political activities.

UK FCO: Iran – Country of Concern 2013

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2014 April 10 2The election of Hassan Rouhani as President in June, on the back of promises to bring about social equality and justice for all Iranians, brought a feeling of optimism to the country. Positive acts, such as the release of a number of political prisoners in September, were welcomed by the UK and the international community. However, these initial steps have not led to a substantive change in the overall human rights situation in Iran, and President Rouhani’s promises remain to be implemented in any real way. The number of executions increased on the previous year, and the death penalty continued to be enforced for drug traffickers and individuals who had committed their crimes as minors. Minority ethnic groups suffered harassment and discrimination, and the persecution of minority religious groups continued. The government continued to suppress freedom of expression, with arrests of journalists, bloggers and internet workers. November 2013 marked 1,000 days of house arrest or detention for opposition figures Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karrubi. Read more

Firat: Mother Language Day to be celebrated in Kurdistan

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2014 Feb 21 languageToday is International Mother Language Day. This day is observed every year to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. It was created by UNESCO (the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organisation) in order to promote the dissemination of mother tongues and a fuller awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions throughout the world and to inspire solidarity based on understanding, tolerance and dialogue. Read more

Abdullah Ocalan photo – December 2013

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1488109_189940474533049_1633979269_nAbdullah Ocalan – Apo:

Mass trial of Abdullah Ocalan’s lawyers to be observed by UK barristers

Peace in Kurdistan Campaign press release:

The seventh hearing in a long-running trial against the legal representatives of Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) who is currently in talks with the Turkish government to resolve the 30-year-old Kurdish –Turkish conflict, will take place tomorrow.

A delegation of leading barristers and solicitors from the UK will attend the trial, which will take place Silivri prison complex in the largest courthouse in the world, along with another two dozen international trial monitors from across Europe. The UK delegation includes human rights barristers Mark Jones (St Ives Chambers) and Margaret Owen OBE (9 Bedford Row Chambers); lawyer Sasha Zernova, representative of the Solicitors International Human Rights Committee; as well as Claire Fourel, lawyer at Ashurst; and barrister Alex Haines (Bretton Woods Law Chambers).

The trial has already been heavily criticised by international legal groups for failing to adhere to standards of international law and for breaching the European Convention on Human Rights.

The 36 defendants were members of Ocalan’s legal team at the time of their arrest in simultaneous police raids in November 2011. They have been accused, under Turkey’s anti-terrorism legislation, of being members of a ‘leadership committee’ within the PKK and of passing orders from their client to other PKK members. The PKK remains a banned organisation in Turkey, as well as in the EU, the UK and the US, despite the government engaging in peace talks with the organisation throughout this year.

The lawyers deny all the charges and contend that they have only acted in accordance with their professional duties, for which they are now being cynically criminalised.

The trial is one of dozens of mass political trials of Kurdish intellectuals, media workers, trade unionists, academics and politicians. To date more than 8,000 people have been arrested as part of the government’s attack on Kurdish civil society, with the majority facing terrorism charges.

Turkey’s counterterrorism operations have led to the country holding the world’s largest number of prisoners convicted of terrorism and the country has been widely criticised for using the dangerously broad anti-terror law to quell anti-government dissent.

For further information contact:

Peace in Kurdistan – Campaign for a political solution of the Kurdish Question



AI launches campaing for Kurdish journalist brothers

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Amnesty InternationalFirat news: Amnesty International has launched a campaign calling on the Iranian authorities to quash the convictions of brothers Khosro and Masoud Kordpour, both journalists from Iran’s Kurdish minority, and to release them immediately as they have been prosecuted for their peaceful journalistic activities.

On 10 November, the Mahabad Revolutionary Court in the north-western province of Kordestan convicted brothers Khosro and Masoud Kordpourof the vaguely worded offences of “gathering and colluding against national security” and “spreading propaganda against the system” and sentenced them to six and three-and-a-half years’ imprisonment, respectively. The Court also stipulated that Khosro Kordpour should serve five of the six years of his prison sentence in Tabriz, north-west Iran, some 550km away from his home in Kordestan Province and, after serving his term, should be sent to Kerman, southern Iran, over 1,100km away from his home, to spend two years in internal exile. Trials in Revolutionary Courts fail to meet international fair trial standards. Read more

Ocalan’s tribute to Nelson Mandela: “A shining star that enlightened the peoples of Africa”

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2013 Dec 14 Ocalan_Mandella13 December, 2013: Below we reproduce a statement by Abdullah Ocalan on the death of Nelson Mandela:

The tears that are being shed worldwide for Nelson Mandela today, the stories that are being shared about him and the wisdom that he bequeathed to all other freedom movements shows us what an outstanding individual he was.

The history of the peoples of the world is mostly shaped through the callous insolence of those trying to hold the masses in their grip. This insolence at times appears because the whole world sees this oppression but turns a blind eye to it, at times through the evil of totalitarianism and the banality by which it is fed. While the perpetrators of evil constantly bow their knees in shame and beg forgiveness or become a dark chapter in the book of history, the struggle against the banality of evil and rising totalitarianism appears in the only thing soaking all the soils of the world at the same time: the tears of the oppressed human being. Read more

Iran: Over 200 executions in three months

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ANF – News Desk 10.11.2013 2013 Oct 28 iran noose 19.09.13_0Iran has executed more than 200 people in the three months since new President Hassan Rouhani took office, says a report in E-Kurd. According to a former reformist Member of Parliament, Rouhani’s Special Assistant in Ethnic and Minority Affairs Ali Younesi expressed his dismay at the recent executions in Kurdistan and said that “extremist elements” were responsible for them. Former MP Hassel Dasseh told Kurdish news website NNS ROJ that during a meeting on November 5 with Younesi and political activists, Younesi expressed sadness and regret about the recent executions and the intensified crackdown in Kurdistan.

Since Rouhani took office this August, a sharp increase in the number of executions, specifically among drug traffickers, Kurdish activists and Kurdish political prisoners, has created concern among civil society that extremist groups in the Iranian Judiciary and security apparatus have adopted this violent approach to show that the status quo remains. Iran has hanged 40 people over the past ten days. On November 3 and 4 alone, authorities executed 12 people in different cities in Iran. On October 8, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran and the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center jointly called for an immediate moratorium on executions in Iran given the alarming rise in the use of the death penalty in recent weeks.

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