Prison conditions for Kurds in Sednaya Prison

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Syrian Committee for Human Rights – MAD has received complaints about abuses of detainees held in Sednaya Prison in Damascus by the prison administration, including the following:

  • preventing the detainee speaking with his family in his own language during the interview, especially Kurdish detainees;
  • each detainee is closely monitored by an officer of the prison during the interview with his family for the whole meeting;
  • the meeting between the detainee and his family is very short as it lasts only up to fifteen minutes;
  • the meeting between the detainee and his family is held through iron bars and they are separated by a distance of half a meter, which stops the prisoner having any physical contact such as hugs with their mother or other members of the family;
  • the lack of opportunity to relax in the open air and see the sun;
  • lack of health care for detainees;
  • the lack hygiene especially in the  washing areas;
  • the lack of nutritious and healthy food;
  • permission is not given for families to meet with the detainee when they attend at the prison. Many travel a long way to see their sons, and they often have to wait for twenty-four hours before being allowed in;
  • overcrowding of cells so that each person has insufficient space;
  • the lack of adequate drinking water for the detainees.

Syrian Committee for Human Rights – MAD condemns and denounces the Sednaya prison administration’s actions in regard to the rights of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in general, and detained Kurds in particular. They call on all human rights organizations to condemnation these violations and abuses by officers of the prison administration, and call on the prison administration to improve the conditions of detainees in full compliance with human rights codes and clauses in the Syrian Constitution, and to respect the rights of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

22 December 2010

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