Mustafa Ismail on trial in a military court in Syria

moustafa_ismail__1The Second Military Prosecutor in the Military Court in Aleppo has charged Mustafa Ismail with making plans and actions aimed at offending Syrian relationships with foreign countries and being member of an illegal organization aiming to divide Syria and join this annex to a new country. The case is number 394-2010, 13 May 2010

As a result of this decision Ismail will stand trial in the Military Court in Aleppo. These offences could be punished with a sentence of one to five years in prison.

The Second Military Prosecutor in the Military Court had rejected all the bail requests submitted by Ismail’s lawyers.

Ismail had already been summoned for interrogation on 10 December 2009, by the air force department of the Syrian secret service in the Kurdish town of Kobani (Arab: Ain al-Arab). He was then told to report to the head-office of the same security department in the north Syrian city of Aleppo. He followed this directive, but did not return. Where the Syrian security forces are holding the Kurdish human rights worker at present is unknown.

On 16 November, Mustafa Ismail informed the STP (Society for Threatened Peoples) that the State Security Service had interrogated him two days previously in Aleppo. This was for him the third interrogation within one year, the others being on 13 March and 3 October. Each time he was accused of making public statements on the situation of the Kurds in Syria.

Mustafa Ismail was first arrested by Syrian Political Intelligence in 2000, because he participated in a TV program on Kurdish channel ‘’Medya TV’’, and he was jailed for weeks in Aleppo. He was called many times by Syrian intelligence, and in October 2009 he was called by Military Intelligent Department and State Intelligent Department. Ismail is now in Central Aleppo Prison after disappearing for three months, during which time he is believed to have been in the hands of Syrian intelligence.

Ismail lives and works in the town of Kobani, 440 km from Damascus in the north of Syria. In his capacity as a lawyer he represents many Kurds and Arabs who have been arrested on account of their activities of political opposition.

Mustafa Ismail was born in 1973 in Kobani, is married and father to three children.  He is a well known journalist, intellectual, poet, lawyer and human defender. Ismail has written dozens of political articles, and research and legal studies. He also translated a lot of research and articles from and into Arabic, so many Kurdish and Arabic websites, newspapers and magazines published his articles and research, which is characterized by political criticism and human rights violations in Syria, and relate to in public affairs. Mustafa Ismail participated as guest in a documentary film dealing with the social situation in the Syrian Kurdish countryside. Ismail also participated in many TV programs as reviewer, political analyst and human rights defender on several Kurdish satellite channels. Mustafa Ismail, served as a correspondent for Kurdish newspaper “Azadiya Welat” which is published in Diyarbakir City the largest Kurdish city southeast Turkey.  Ismail served as correspondent for Radio “Sydney 2000” Australia.

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