Iran attacks continue against Kurds inside Iraq

19.07.2011 – According to various sources, the offensive attacks of the Iranian army continues within Iraqi borders. The Iranian army crossed 2km into the Iraqi border at the border area of Dole Koke/Zele early hours of 16 July and as they crossed they faced the resistance of the HRK, the armed guerrilla forces of the PJAK. The intense clashes continued until 18 July 12:00pm at night.

According to eyewitness accounts and PJAK, during 3 days of clashes in four different sites inside the Iraqi border and/or on the border between the Sipah Pastaran Army belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran and HRK Guerilla forces belonging to PJAK, 180 Iranian sipah pastaran soldiers were killed, including 2 high ranking commanders, and many more were wounded; also during the clashes 7 PJAK guerrillas lost their lifes and 4 others wounded.

According to eye witnesses in the cities of Urmiye, Piransehir and Serdes/Iran, hospitals in these cities have been closed to civilians due to the high number of wounded Iranian soldiers coming in during these three days of clashes. They say that there are soldiers speaking fluent Turkish within the Iranian Army deployed in the area.

Intense katyusa and mortar attacks carried out by the Spah Pastaran Army in the villages of Sinowa and Siniy/Zelehave resulted in at least one women being wounded and numbers of houses in the villages destroyed.

Today, the Iranian Army continued bombarding the areas of Suni, Ali Rese, Dole Koke, Sehit Ayhan, Sehit Harun and high mountains in the surrounding areas/Zele.  Eye-witnesses says that the Iranian army preparing for to continue their attacks.