Wednesday 26 October 2011

Syrian Uprising 2011 Information Centre:  SUMMARY (26/10/2011): Assad “supporters” gathered in Umawiyeen Sq in central Damascus so, in response, much of the country went on strike including parts of Damascus and Aleppo. At least 18 martyrs have fallen as security forces continue to attack areas of Homs and use lethal force against protesters and strikers. Meanwhile, according to military defectors in Yemen, yesterday’s plane crash was a deliberate act by the pilot because he knew his passengers were 8 Syrian pilots who had been sent to bomb his country. RIP Abdul Aziz Shami, the Yemeni hero who sacrificed his life to save the life of his people. Syria – Wesnesday 26/10/2011 Continue reading “Wednesday 26 October 2011”

You can now help – the people of Wan and Erdis – from anywhere in the world!

by Kani Xulam on Wednesday, 26 October 2011
Dear Friends,
We finally have a secure method to collect funds for the “Kurdish Earthquake Relief Fund.” 
You can send donations through your credit / debit cards from anywhere in the world using PayPal.

Any amount is good – we know some of you are students and may not have the means of support.

But you may have well-to-do uncles and aunts that can be reminded of giving in this time of distress.

Thank you in advance for helping the people of Wan and Erdis!

Here is the PayPal link: Http:// Continue reading “You can now help – the people of Wan and Erdis – from anywhere in the world!”

Raziye Kizil – One year in prison for singing two Kurdish folk songs

Raziye Kizil (also known as Gazin) was sentenced to one year in prison for having sung two Kurdish songs and thereby “making propaganda for an illegal organisation”. A second trial against her now carries an extra five-year prison threat, reported B?A News Center on 11 October 2011.
On 7 February 2010, Raziye ‘Gazin‘ Kizil, who is a singer and president of Komela Jinen Dengbej (House of Women Singers), sang the two Kurdish songs ‘Megri’ (‘Don’t Cry’) and ‘Lo Lawo’ upon request at an event held at the Tatvan Municpality Culture Centre in south-eastern Turkey. Continue reading “Raziye Kizil – One year in prison for singing two Kurdish folk songs”

National Coordinating Body policy for a general strike comes into action

The National Coordinating Body for Democratic Change in Syria reports that for the fifth consecutive day a general strike has continued in Daraa province, including all aspects of daily life. The Body has been co-ordinating activity across Syria to bring about a general strike since the conference in September 2011.

This peaceful revolution was launched in Daraa, and sustains itself by following peaceful methods of struggle that will bring about an end to the killing of Syrians and the regime’s brutal murder, and that undermines the regime’s lame excuses for its behaviour.

The National Coordinating Body is calling on all people in all Syrian cities and villages to come to support each other in the general strike, which will be capable of paralyzing the system and its ability to oppress, and at the same time to ensure the protection of citizens and deliver their message to world public opinion and all the pro-revolution free peoples and governments.

Despite oppression and terror, murder and destruction, the peaceful revolution has continued and developed its methods day after day, and has shown the Syrian people to be worthy of dignity, freedom and democracy.

The success of the strike depends on it spreading to all cities and villages all over the country.

Syrian security agencies are unable deal with strikes that have been held in Daraa and surrounding villages, and have tried to force people to open their stores and go to work, to keep transport on the road, and to force students to go to school, but to no avail.

The National Coordinating Body for Democratic Change is calling for everyone to actively participate.

23 October 2011

The logo for the National Coordinating Body is above and replaces the previous logo

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Syrian Uprising 2011 Information Centre: SUMMARY (25/10/2011): It was a hard day in Jeezah, as the regime tried to break the strike there by arresting dozens and destroying many shops. Homs was the same as it has been for weeks. Meanwhile China is sending an envoy to Damascus who will call for Assad’s regime to “fulfill it’s promises of reform and answer the people’s reasonable demands.” Finally, looking in our crystal ball, we predict that tomorrow Assad’s adoring millions will “spontaneously” go and block Mezzeh highway just as the delegation from the Arab League arrives. Syria – Tuesday 25/10/2011 Continue reading “Tuesday 25 October 2011”

Thousand soldiers enter South Kurdistan as first clashes reported

Firat News25 October 2011 @ midday: The Turkish state army began its cross border operation against the Medya Defence Areas. According to HPG (People’s Defense Forces) sources, around 1000 Turkish troops with heavy weaponry entered the area of Haftanin/the Media Defence Areas under air support of war-planes and cobra type helicopters.

Also, according to the reports from the area that few minutes ago first clashes began between the HPG Guerrilla Forces and Turkish state army in the area of Haftanin/the Media Defence Areas. At the moment the clashes continues.

KCK announced that during the air-raids of 10 October 2011  on Xakurke-Xinere region there were grave losses: Rüstem Cudi (Rüstem Osman) Member of the KCK Executive Council, Çiçek Kiçi (Guhar Çekirge) Member of the HPG Military Council, Alisher Koçgiri (Yücel Halis) Member of the HPG Military Council and precious militants of the HPG Nazl?can, Eshref, Roj Amara and Dr. Amara have been martyred. In addition, on 8 October 2011 during the clashed in Kato Marinos area former member of the KCK Executive Council one of the commanders Baz Mordem and one of the militants Bager Tatvan had also been martyred.

The attacks of 19 October on Turkish police and army posts came as retaliation for these killings.

See our report: Turkey: Retaliation keeps the battle going – Continue reading “Thousand soldiers enter South Kurdistan as first clashes reported”

Monday 24 October 2011

SUMMARY (24/10/2011): While the USA and the Syrian regime played diplomatic games at least 15 martyrs fell today – mostly in Homs but also in Idlib province, where several bodies were found dumped, including 2 unidentified women. More than 200 Syrians are known to have been killed since last Monday. Meanwhile the rest of the world keeps watching… Syria – Monday 24/10/2011 Continue reading “Monday 24 October 2011”

Syria: Hospital patients subjected to torture and ill-treatment – New report

Amnesty International: The Syrian government has turned hospitals into instruments of repression in its efforts to crush opposition, Amnesty International said in a new report published today (24 October).

The 39-page report ‘Health Crisis: Syrian Government Targets the Wounded and Health Workers’ documents how patients in at least four government-run hospitals have been subjected to torture and other ill-treatment, including by medical workers.  Continue reading “Syria: Hospital patients subjected to torture and ill-treatment – New report”

Earthquake in Ercis – Wan, Turkey

Check in here as we update ways to donate so that aid goes directly to those who need it. At 1.41pm on Sunday 23 October, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the province of Van, in the Kurdish heartland in Southeast Turkey. According to the latest reports, at least 366 people have been killed and around 1300 people injured, but the Disaster and Emergency Administration expects the death toll to rise as many people are still missing, trapped under the rubble of over 2,300 collapsed buildings. Frantic rescue efforts are still underway in the search for survivors.
The survivors in the worst hit towns of Ercis and Van are now huddled around fires and in rescue shelters, attempting to overcome the shock and grief, and fend off the freezing conditions. Approximately 40,000 people have been made homeless and are in desperate need of shelter, blankets, sleeping bags and heaters. The Erdogan government has already had to apologise for not distributing tents for the neediest quickly enough, and protests were triggered by one Turkish TV host who suggested that Kurds who battle the police should not now expect any assistance from them.

This is a devastating situation for a province already suffering under poverty and increasing political repression, and we call on your support for all the victims of Ercis, Van, and the surrounding areas hit by this disaster.

To assist the rescue efforts, please make a donation to the Kurdish Red Moon headquarters in Germany, using the following details:

Kurdish Red Moon Headquarters/Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê e.V.
Bank Name: Stadtsparkasse Neuwied
Address: Schäfer str. 4 / 53859 Niderkassel / Germany
Account number: 186098
BLZ: 57450120
IBAN: DE 62 57 45 01 20 00 00 18 60 98

Suggested by Peace in Kurdistan – Campaign for a political solution of the Kurdish Question
44 Ainger Road, London NW3 3AT, Email:,  tel: 020 7586 5892 & Melanie  Sirinathsingh – Tel: 020 7272 4131
Patrons: Lord Avebury, Lord Rea, Lord Dholakia, Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP, Jean Lambert MEP, Alyn Smith MEP, Hywel Williams MP, Elfyn Llwyd MP, John Austin, Gareth Peirce, Julie Christie, Noam Chomsky, Edward Albee, Margaret Owen OBE, Mark Thomas, Bairbre de Brún MEP

For those in USA from Kani Xulam (his video is on our website):
Dear Friends,
We have opened a new account at the M&T bank for the survivors of the Wan earthquake.  The account will be open for one month, which means till November 24th, 2011. Continue reading “Earthquake in Ercis – Wan, Turkey”

Sunday 23 October 2011

Syrian Uprising 2011 Information CentreSummary (23/10/2011): At least 22 martyrs have fallen today, most of them in Homs, which is still under heavy fire, while 3 girls were reported kidnapped in Telbiseh while there were in the library. Daraa is on general strike for the 5th day and most of the other towns in the province have now joined them. Meanwhile Assad has appointed new governors for the provinces of Damascus Countryside and Idlib and Deputy FM Mokdad has been in Addis Adaba to try to win the support of the African Union. See map for more infoSyria – Sunday 23/10/2011

Homs (23/10/2011): This is Khaldiyah in Homs. Tareq Al-Ahdab has been shot by Assad’s forces. Jamal Fadel bravely tries to rescue the body and he is also shot. More than 100 people have been killed in the city of Homs since last Sunday.


The Syrian Days Of Rage – English and We are all Hamza Alkhateeb shared link.
 (10-23-11) Homs | Horrified Child Screams for Mother, Injured From Assad Nail Bomb

Jaber Abdulhadi, 35 years old. An engineer from Irbin, Damascus suburbs, married with 1 child. He was shot, abducted and murdered by Assad’s thugs on 18/10/2011:

 Martyrs 2

Madaya (23/10/2011): This is the funeral of Mohammed and Ali Nammous, two brothers from Madaya, a town 40km NW of Damascus. Assad’s thugs raided their house to arrest Mohammed, 21 years old, and shot him with 5 bullets in the leg. Ali, 19 years old, tried to help his brother so they shot him in the head and killed him. Then they took the bleeding Mohammed away for investigation, where they killed him later:
 Madaya 23/10/2011

UPDATE (23/10/2011): The daily shelling and heavy gunfire continues in Homs (Dayr Ba’labah and Bayadah – see video) while the general strike has spread to more towns in Daraa province. In an effort to break the strike the regime’s forces have entered Dael and Ibtaa. Meanwhile new governors have been appointed for Damascus Countryside and Idleb provinces – always a sure sign of a new more hardline crackdown to come.

 Homs, 23/10/2011 and Homs (Khaldiyah):

Wissam TarifBodies of brothers Ali & Mohamed Al Namous – injured then detained by security branch 251 Graphics and their funeral which turned into a huge protest- People outraged from Regime’s brutality Video:

Khalid Alo’r (17) has been severely tortured – Security forces pulled out his nails and electrified his genitals.
Yehia Rahmi was shot then kidnapped by security forces on Sunday in #Madaya is being tortured by secret police& denied treatment

Summary of the status of health in Syria:

First, the system prevents the treatment of all injuries, whether demonstrators or by live bullets. In state hospitals where there is heavy security, they arrested the injured immediately after entry unless the condition is very critical arrest and then they make the arrest after he has left the operating room.

Second: In this hospital there are a lot of doctors and nurses who are regime loyalists, who attack and beat people with insults.
Third, the system does not only arrested the injured but also the helpers.
Fourth: The blood bank does not provide the people with blood when they need it. The blood bags have to be hidden by activists and because this is forbidden and they donate blood, it is hidden in a domestic refrigerator for use when needed.
Fifth: The system will arrest all the doctors who treat patients in some areas. Security men kidnapped all the doctors in some areas to prevent them from treating victims of demonstrations.
Sixth: Security forces shot at ambulances and the paramedics who aided the wounded; this video shows that
Seventh: the security men use ambulances sometimes to disguise themselves,  and arrest demonstrators and arresting young people. This video shows armed security.
Eighth: not only that but the system has a lot of elements who are working undercover as taxi drivers and then they transfer the injured person to the security branch instead of being transferred to hospitals.
Ninth: There are a number of recorded cases where a bullet was left in the patient’s body for several weeks so that he could be taken to a safe place for treatment, because if he went to the hospital would be arrested. Many died for this reason.
Tenth: Tetanus vaccine has been withdrawn from the market, and is distributed only on personal identification, which is checked by security services.
People are establishing very simple field hospitals to treat the wounded and preserve their lives, and they fear arrest:
There are currently 15 Field Hospitals in Damascus and its countryside and the most important requirements necessary for these field hospitals are  (I do not have accurate translation of this list):

Sterile gauze, gloves sterile, Seringat, painkillers central and peripheral (oral + muscle + and Reddy), antibiotics (oral + muscle + and Reddy), Disinfectants (Sterilizers surfaces + Sterilizers tools), surgical instruments, explosive devices issued equipment, anesthesia equipment, Eko-ray machines, devices acidification, vaccines tetanus, drug recovery attack, Saromat salt sugar and mixed with the organs of the transfer of serum, medicines cardiac resuscitation, needle cortisone, anti-allergy (anti histamine), Qthatr intravenous various measurements, ligaments gauze, medicines for anesthesia and Turkan and soothing , bags, blood transfusion, a blood transfusion, group detector materials to repair fractures, plaster, oxygen cylinders with oxygen masks and channels, the Dome of the cervical plastic

Homs: Summary from Sunday, October 23, 2011

Drunk soldiers…how can they be trusted with people’s lives?!
Around 11 am today, some residents and store owners from Al-Bayada neighborhood saw some soldiers who seemed drunk, coming out of the police station in Al-Bayada. The soldiers then started firing at people and cars in Deir Balba neighborhood. Later, tanks were seen in the neighborhood combing through the streets like Al-Nour and Al-Qahera streets. Rockets launched by the tanks burned many cars and at least two houses, in addition to injuring 6 people from Al-Bayada, among them one woman, in addition to 2 critical injuries. Another person was wounded in Al-Khaldiyeh. 3 young men were killed as a result of the attacks, and they are: Tarek Al-Ahdab as a result of the random gunfire in Al-Bayada, and Jamal Faddel who was trying to drag Tarek’s body from the street when he got shot, and a third martyr, who was shot from the checkpoint at the western entrance of Al-Khaldiyeh, his identity remains unknown. Cars exploded as a result of bombs falling on them and all over the neighborhood, and gunfire could be heard all day and into the evening in Deir Balba, Al-Khaldiyeh, and Al-Bayada in an attempt to impose a curfew on the area.  Here are some video from the neighborhoods today:

A man trying to grab a martyr in Al-Qahera streets ends up a martyr:
Homes destroyed as a result of bombing Al-Khaldiyeh:
Tanks wandering around Deir Balba:
Tanks firing at homes in Al-Qahera street in Al-Khaldiyeh:
A young girl gets wounded in her hand in Deir Balba:
A bomb launched into Al-Zeer street and a car burning as a result:
Explosion of a power box in Al-Bayada because of bombs from tanks:
Hospitals, the wounded, and Shabiha…students are the reason
Assad forces and thugs, with the support of Assad army outside, raided Al-Hikma hospital in Al-Inshaat neighborhood and broke property inside the hospital along with medical equipment. They also looted the hospital and assaulted patients and injured people receiving treatment there. That took place after students went out demonstrating in the neighborhood, which bothered the security.
Student demonstration in Al-Inshaat:
Female students demonstrating in Al-Holeh today:
Other Homs neighborhoods and surrounding towns
Power is still out in most neighborhoods and towns, along with communications and water. Movement around is very difficult, and the center of the city only saw activity for a few hours. Gunfire could be heard clearly in Talbiseh and in other neighborhoods in Homs. Funerals for yesterday’s martyrs were very modest and small because of the heavy gunfire. It was also noticeable that many children were exhibiting signs of extreme fear and shock. In one example, one child has not spoken in over a month.
Some of the aftermath of bombing Al-Mrejeh neighborhood, where rockets seemed to have been used:
Demonstrations during explosions and air force bombing
Planes of the Assad military bombed Deir Balba today and there were reports of a lot of destruction, many homes burning, and smoke rising above the neighborhood. Many were wounded and there were martyrs, as residents were not able to get medical attention for them.
Video showing Deir Balba getting bombed by Assad air force
The bombing was not limited to Deir Balba, even though it got the most, as explosions were heard in Bab Al-Sbaa, Jib Al-Jandali, and Bab Draib. In Al-Waar, a black car driving around fired randomly at passersby in Rakan street, which resulted in wounding a young man and a little girl, who were attended to immediately. The car also threw a bomb of an unknown type, but it was a nail bomb near the place where a demonstration usually starts. Here is a video showing a girl who got hit by the nail bomb:
However, despite all this, the residents of Homs, who are clearly challenging oppression, went out from all neighborhoods and town to make their voices heard as they chanted for freedom. Here are some videos of evening demonstrations:
Baba Amro:
Bab Houd:
Al-Karabees and Joret Al-Shayah:
Karm Al-Shami:
Tal Kalakh:
In addition, today Homs gave 11 more martyrs:
1- Fathi Al-Hussami, under torture | Homs
2- A martyr from Shofan family | Homs | Bab Tadmur
3- Abdelwahed Albdeljabbar Arabi Al-Najjar | Homs | Bab Tadmur
4- Tarek Al-Ahdab | Homs | Al-Bayada
5- Jamal Abdullah Faddel | Homs | Al-Bayada
6- Adnan Mustapha Al-Dwayk, under torture | Homs | Al-Khaldiyeh
7- Mahmoud Al-Hamid Jassem, from torture wounds | Homs | Deir Balba
8- Taleb Al-Talawi | Homs | Karm Al-Shami
9- Abdel Rahman Al-Othman, a teacher | Homs | Deir Balba
10- Bilal Sroor | Homs | Al-Inshaat
11- Zainab Al-Sakka (female) | Homs | Deir Balba (from Hama and was returning to Hama from Faculty of Petro-Chemistry in Deir Balba, was killed by a bullet)

NOW! Lebanon
[local time]  19:29 European Union leaders are ready to slap more sanctions on Syria failing a halt in the regime’s violence against dissenters, EU President Herman Van Rompuy said at the close of a summit Sunday.
 18:34 US Senator John McCain raised the prospect Sunday of possible armed intervention to protect civilians in Syria where a crackdown on pro-democracy protests has killed more than 3,000 people.
 16:15 Syrian security forces stormed a mosque in Jiza and arrested worshipers, Al-Arabiya reports on activists.
 14:32 European Union leaders issued a fresh call to President Bashar al-Assad to step aside and allow a political transition.
 12:13 President Bashar al-Assad assigned Yasser al-Shoufi and Hussein Makhlouf as the governors of the Edleb and Rif Damascus provinces respectively, SANA reported.