Damascus meeting 27 June 2011

GUARDIAN: Bashar al-Assad sets date for ‘national dialogue’ with opponents
Activists call Syrian president’s overture ‘pointless’ while army repression continues in the country
Syrian authorities have set a date for a “national dialogue” with goverment opponents beginning on 10 July, but activists dismissed the prospect as pointless while a crackdown continues.
The move came as scores of opposition members met in Damascus, apparently with the government’s sanction, for the first such summit in Syria for decades. Continue reading “Damascus meeting 27 June 2011”

Kurdish students arrested at Damascus University

Several human rights orgaisations reported  that student accommodation was raided, and students were attacked by security forces and supporters of the al-Assad regime the arbitrary arrest at the university in Damascus. Dozens of Kurdish university students in Damascus were arrested on 21 June 2011. Continue reading “Kurdish students arrested at Damascus University”

Sunday 26 June 2011

SUMMARY (26/6/2011): The military operations in and around Qusayr continue to drive hundereds of Syrians into Lebanon (to join the 5,000 Syrians who fled there several weeks ago). Assad met some Syrian-Americans to tell them what is happening had been misrepresented. Meanwhile, Farhan Almatar became the first well-known journalist to resign from Syrian state TV. See the map for more info. Syria – Sunday 26/06/2011 Continue reading “Sunday 26 June 2011”

‘Historic meeting’ to plan the future of a free democracy in Syria, said Saleh Mohammed

The Democratic Union Party – PYD reports that their leader, Saleh Mohammed, has confirmed that agreement was reached among factions of the Syrian opposition during a meeting held in Damascus on 25 June 2011, and that a joint statement will be released in the next few days.

Represented at this meeting were eleven Kurdish political parties, the National Democratic Assembly of Parties in Syria, the Leftist Marxist Parties Assembly, and independent representatives and national figures in political, cultural and socio-economic aspects of Syrian life. Strenuous efforts were made by everyone, including PYD, to reach this historic achievement for Syria in general, and also for Kurds in Western Kurdistan and elsewhere in the country.  Continue reading “‘Historic meeting’ to plan the future of a free democracy in Syria, said Saleh Mohammed”

Declaration of solidarity with Hatip Dicle

We, the signatories, declare our solidarity with the elected independent candidate of the Labour, Democracy and Freedom block, Mr. Hatip Dicle – and call on the Supreme Electoral Board of Turkey (YSK ) – and other responsible bodies – to reverse the decision to revoke his parliamentary mandate immediately.

Hatip Dicle is, like all politicians of the electoral block for Labour, Democracy and Freedom, fully committed to the continuous work for a peaceful solution of the Kurdish question and the democratisation of Turkey. Therefore we are convinced that the recognition of his mandate and the recognition of the democratic will of the Kurdish population, are necessary steps in the direction of the democratisation as well as the stabilisation of the country. Continue reading “Declaration of solidarity with Hatip Dicle”

For longer suffering Kurds in Syria, the boot is now on the other foot

With protests, government crackdowns and the current crisis for the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad deepening by the day, a confident mood is in the air that the once unthinkable may soon be a reality – the end of the Syrian Baathist dictatorship. Nowhere in Syria will this dawn be heralded more than in Syrian Kurdistan.

The ever-changing Middle Eastern political landscape and the current wave of revolutionary doctrine prompting a bold new democratic era may have predominantly Arab colours based but poses a unique opportunity for Kurds in Syria. If the protests and the reformist euphoria were likened to an Arabic spring, then it can certainly have a Kurdish summer ending. Continue reading “For longer suffering Kurds in Syria, the boot is now on the other foot”

Al-Hasakah province delegation sends demands to President Bashar al-Assad: 5 April 2011

To His Excellency, President Dr. Bashar al-Assad,President of the Syrian Arab Republic, may God protect him Peace and God’s mercy and blessing be with you! The members of the delegation from al-Hasakah are pleased, Your Excellency, for the opportunity to express their deepest love, esteem, and loyalty, and we ask the Lord God — Blessed be He! — to strengthen Your Excellency’s wisdom and power and through you to help the fatherland and the nation to prosperity and victory. We assure Your Excellency that we stand behind you in building the fatherland and ending the unrest that has struck our beloved country. The masses in al-Hasakah province who remained true to the eternally immortal President Hafiz al-Assad through all of his commendable adjustment policy will remain equally true to you in creating an atmosphere of tolerance and fraternity and in observing your wise guidance on the course to development and modernization. Continue reading “Al-Hasakah province delegation sends demands to President Bashar al-Assad: 5 April 2011”

Syrian Kurdish towns protest on the 'Friday of the Loss of Legitimacy'

Amid continued silence from Iraqi Kurdistan officials and prominent Syrian Kurds, many youth in Kurdish towns in Syria counted themselves among the protesters that have rallied in Syrian streets every Friday for over three months. Thousands protested in Kobanî (Ain el Arab), Amûdê, Qamishlo, Sari-Kaniyeh (Ras el Ain) and Derbasieh, calling for the fall of an illegitimate regime. Continue reading “Syrian Kurdish towns protest on the 'Friday of the Loss of Legitimacy'”

Turkey: DI Condemns Veto on Elected MP Mehmet Hatip Dicle

Defend International (DI) strongly condemns the Turkish Supreme Election Board’s undemocratic decision of not recognizing the right of the elected Kurdish candidate Mr.Mehmet Hatip Dicle, emphasizing that the decision taken by the election board is an attempt to manipulate the results of the democratic voting process that took place in Turkey on June 12, 2011. Such a decision is neither legal nor ethical, and new arrangements should be made. Continue reading “Turkey: DI Condemns Veto on Elected MP Mehmet Hatip Dicle”