Wednesday 27 April 2016

ANF: Clashes between YPG/Jaysh al-Thuwar and SNC gangs in Tal Rifat

Clashes broke out in Tal Rifat after SNC (Syrian National Council) gangs attacked the emplacements of YPG/YPJ and Army of Revolutionaries (Jaysh al-Thuwar) in Tal Rifat (Arfet) and Birad earlier today.

Local sources report that SNC gangs supported by the AKP attacked the Tal Rifat (Arfet) and Birad emplacements of YPG/YPJ and Jaysh al-Thuwar from their positions in Şêx Îsa at 09:55 this morning. Continue reading “Wednesday 27 April 2016”

Tuesday 26 April 2016

ANF: UK Parliament hosts historic meeting on Öcalan

The ‘Freedom for Öcalan Campaign’ led by British trade unions has been initiated with a widely attended meeting in the British parliament. The isolation of Öcalan criticised and the contribution Öcalan’s freedom will make to peace in the region is expressed in the historic meeting which sparked great interest. Continue reading “Tuesday 26 April 2016”

Monday 25 April 2016

BBCCongratulations to BBC for this report: an interview with Cemil Bayik. We want to point out the PKK is willing to talk and the Turkish State is not:

The BBC’s Ian Pannell has met Cemil Bayik, leader of Kurdish separatist group the PKK, which is waging simultaneous conflicts against Turkey and so-called Islamic State (IS).

Mr Bayik said the PKK was open to negotiations with Turkey, but without such peace talks the decades-long conflict would continue.

He also confirmed the the PKK had had “direct” communications with the United States in the battle against IS. Continue reading “Monday 25 April 2016”

PYD report 16-22 April 2016

pyd News

  • 1. 138 civilians killed, 912 wounded in Şêx Meqsud attacks.
    2. Sheikh Maksoud is not alone, we are all Sheikh Maksoud campaign continues.
    3. Rojava Representation Office opened in Sweden.
    4. Turkish soldiers kill another Rojava citizen.
    5. Social Contract of Federal System is being drafted today.
    6. Students in Girê S organize an exhibition.
    7. Clashes in Qamişlo: Cezîre Canton Asaş Forces kill Syrian regime soldiers.
    8. Call for medical aid for Şêx Meqsûd.
    9. Clashes in Qamişlo intensify in two areas.
    10. Clashes between Syrian regime forces and Rojava Public Security forces
    11. Turkey renews bombardment of Kurdish positions northern Syria.
    12. Lavrov: US Needs to ‘Bring Turkey to Senses’ for Blocking Kurds From Talks.
    13. Syria Talks Collapse Looming as Only 3 Out of 15 HNC Members Arrive.
    14. Britons arrested on Iraq border after fighting IS in Syria. Continue reading “PYD report 16-22 April 2016”

Saturday 23 April 2016

There has been fighting for three days between Kurdish forces defending their people, and Bashar al-Assad’s forces. It seems to be coming to an end:

ANF: Ceasefire declared in Qamishlo

Rojava Asayish General Command has issued a written statement regarding the clashes of the last 3 days in Qamishlo. In the statement, a ceasefire was announced to go into effect as of 15:30 on April 22. Continue reading “Saturday 23 April 2016”

Friday 22 April 2016

pydHere is the latest news from PYD about events in Rojava: Rojava Weekly News Briefing (09 -15 Apr)

This includes the following News

  • 1. ISIS gangs flee from Minbic (Manbij).
  • 2. Kurdish Red Crescent releases a statement on violation of ceasefire in Şêx Meqsûd.
  • 3. AKP’s state forces attacked Qamişlo with mortars once again.
  • 4. Three others poisoned by chemical attacks in Şêxmeqsûd.
  • 5. First meeting of the Executive Council of Cizîr canton takes place in Amûdê.
  • 6. Gangs carry out violent attacks on Aleppo’s Şêx Meqsûd neighborhood.
  • 7. Lawyers demand separation of powers in the social contract of federal system.
  • 8. Gangs shelled Şêx Meqsud with chemical gas again: six wounded.
  • 9. YPJ fighters: Peoples’ coexistence targeted in Şêx Meqsûd.
  • 10. Rojava cantons boycotted the Syrian elections. 11. Jihadis’ passage from Turkey to Syria continues.
  • 12. Turkmen fighters: We will liberate Minbic.
  • 13. Syrian Kurds Want Jaysh Al-Islam to be on UN ‘Terrorist List’.
  • 14. United They Stand: ‘Majority of Kurds in Syria Against Splitting Country’. Comment, Opinion and Analysis
  • 15. Democracy Left Out in the Cold.
  • 16. Choosing among people.
  • 17. Obama Considers Bigger Role in Syria, But Endgame Unclear.

Continue reading “Friday 22 April 2016”

Thursday 21 April 2016

ANF imageKurds took on al-Assads regime troops today. It seems they tried to arrest one of the Asayish – Police , and the situation escalated, but it has led to heavy clashed between Kurds and troops in Qamishlo:

YPG / Asayish forces seize control of the Elaye prison in Qamishlo

YPG / YPJ and Asayish (Public Security) forces in Qamishlo city of Rojava have taken control of the regime-held Elaye prison to the east of the city. Continue reading “Thursday 21 April 2016”